While there are creatures of light that we are all familiar with like fireflies and glowworms, most of the organisms featured in The Creatures of Light exhibition were from parts of the world that people seldom see. To uniquely classify these bioluminescent creatures that make their own light we brought them into our more familiar world. Using dark and dramatic landscapes not only showcased their magnificent color and magical glow, but created a storybook romance that enhanced their magnificence.

RESULTS: The total projected attendance for the entire¬†Creatures of Light¬†exhibition run is 307,796, 2 months into the 6 month run the exhibition has sold over 116,951 tickets. That’s 40% of their entire goal thus far.

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Creative Director: Karin Rose, Mary Beth Adduci
Copywriter/AD: Wayne Robinson, Matt Collier
Photographer/Illustrator: Salamanca