To celebrate the anniversary of the 1893 World’s Fair, The Field Museum went straight to their vaults to bring back artifacts and photos, some of which hadn’t been seen in over a century.  While the items on display were genuine, the bigger story was their significant contribution to turn of the century history. By creating an app that allowed you to isolate the objects, we were able to bring back (through use of photos) the objects in their original environment.  This allowed viewers to see the objects the way fair goers viewed them back in 1893. It also allowed museum goers to unlock special content through QR codes and even create personalized tours. iPhone. App for Android.

This campaign earned DDB the 2013  Mobile Agency of the Year Award.
Communication Arts Annual
Communication Arts Digital


In addition to the app a comprehensive campaign was added to allow viewers to experience the sights and sounds of the real 1893 World’s Fair.  In print and poster we created an obscured view of the Fair that when activated  by mobile, gave viewers a 360 fantastical view of the the famous Midway.

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In TV we brought historical photos to life via CGI to give people a feeling of what it must have been like to visit Tesla’s Westinghouse exhibit and even  experience the world’s first ferris wheel through the eyes of a child.

Creative Directors: Karin Rose, Mary Beth Adduci
Director: Rob Churchill
Photography: Taylor Castle